Fundación López Quintás


About us

Who we are

            The López Quintás Foundation or FLQ (Fundación López Quintás, in its Spanish acronym) is a cultural non profit making organization, legally registered at the Spanish Ministry of Culture with registration order ECI/3642/2007. The activities are financed through donations from other foundations, private companies, public agencies and private donors. It is not tied to any business group or interests of any kind, rather than this it is the initiative of a group of people, eager to spread the thoughts of Professor López Quintás about Creativity and Values. What distinguishes this organization from others, who share similar goals, is the strength of these ideas, the humanistic horizons that they open up and the effectiveness of the method used. This Foundation has been set up by Antonio José García Cruz, President & Founder, with the collaboration of Alfonso López Quintas, as Honorary President, and the following patrons: María Ángeles Almacellas Bernadó, Amelia Córdoba de la Torre, Juan Manrique Alonso, Javier Sánchez-Moreno Gómez and José María Serradell Cirugeda.

Area Privada

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